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What happens when you take a luxury brand and combine it with a craftsman boat design company?  You get Why. This is a yacht with every detail, amenity and environmental aspect considered.  This is a yacht designed and built for the most discerning of tastes with not a garish element in sight.

The interior of the yacht follows the high standards of the design companies and is fitted out with water resistant leather, whereas wood is used in most of the interior areas of the vessel.  The total 3.400m² guest surface areas, is divided into three different levels containing all rooms that could be found in a luxury villa such as lounges, dining rooms, libraries and spa areas. There is even a jogging space that is reminiscent of coastal paths!

What is extraordinary about this concept is that despite its lavishness, superior design and cutting-edge nautical technologies it is also environmentally ethical both in terms of the choice of its design materials and energy consumption.  WHY requires less power at cruising speed than a boat of equal size whereas it also carries a wind-turbine system and a rectangle mast that produces approximately 30% of the energy used to propel the boat.

Watch the WHY – video presentation

WHY Design Team
Pierre-Alexis Dumas / Artistic Director, Hermès
Luca Bassani Antivari / President and CEO, Wally
Gabriele Pezzini / Design Director, Hermès
Mauro Sculli / Naval Architect

Naval engineering
Roar Ramde

Interior architecture
Denis Montel, RDAI



WHY yacht



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