Ultimate small kitchens

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Gordon Ramsay once said that “great things come from small kitchens” and I’m a firm believer in this.  Probably because I’ve always had a small kitchen and I like to think that I’ve managed to produce some great meals from there.

I love the intimacy of a small kitchen and how you’re forced to not over shop for things that most likely will sit in the cupboards forever.  In a time when we can all practice some aspect of restraint I think I would make my sacrifice in the kitchen.  This probably also has something to do with my dream to live in a small flat in Paris cooking great meals.  Either way, here is a collection of kitchens I came across on a wicked blog called Scavenged
















  • Eleni April 4, 2011 - 10:05 am Reply

    I guess you’re right.. I’ve always wanted a more spacious kitchen than the one I have now (pretty small) but you’ve given me a new angle to consider! Thanks =)

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