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2 Posted by - April 10, 2011 - Architecture + Interiors, Design

If you love Danish Design and Danish Interiors then you’re going to flip for Tine K.  You’ll find everything you expect from a Danish housewares company.  Loads of white, rustic and modern pieces.  In a time when things have such a short shelf life because everything is designed to the current trend it’s always great to reach for something Scandinavian.  And I’m sure I could go ahead and eat my own words in a year or two but it seems like Scandinavian design sticks around much longer.   The closest thing I’ve seen to something like what Tine K are doing is 18 Karat in Vancouver.

Another great thing about Tine K is that it was started by a women when she was 22 and when you read her bio you’ll see that there was really no other path for her.  So you’re guaranteed to get products that have been sourced or made with passion.

{ Link - http://www.tinekhome.dk/www/tinekhome.htm }



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  • gareth April 11, 2011 - 12:04 pm Reply

    Such a shame you didn’t mention the tine k light and lamp shades, timeless indeed! we liked them sooo much we became a UK distributer ;-)

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