Theurel & Thomas / Maison du Macaron

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France’s most famous confectionery – the macaron – has gained popularity over the last couple of years for both its indulgent qualities and its refinement.  Pâtisseries have popped up all over the place with the French macaron leading the charge.  Have you ever had a macaron?  No, not the shredded coconut variety we see in North America but these heavenly bites consisting of a filling sandwiched between two layers of meringue.  Pistachio, chocolate & hazelnut, raspberry, vanilla cream are the more popular flavours but Theurel & Thomas located in San Pedro, Mexico – Latin America’s most affluent suburb – experiment with their fillings.  Chai Tea, Green Tea, Rose Petal & caramel being some of the unique flavours they’re serving up.

Theurel & Thomas’s interior design combines beautiful refinement with bold colours and a very white and minimalist palate.  Everything from the branding to the packaging is just spot on!

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