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0 Posted by - January 26, 2011 - Fashion

Svpply was introduced to us by a client of ours who thought we’d get a good feel for his style by looking through the items in his account. An on line window-shopping experience, it’s since become our latest internet vise. By clicking a ‘buy later’ tab kept in your bookmark bar, you can upload goods as you browse stores and blogs. The items you select are then showcased on your personal svpply page, which becomes a giant wish list or storyboard of your style. Goods can range from gadgets, to apparel and décor, all searchable through the site by price or gender, then linked back to the original site for purchase. Your home feed is updated with the latest items added by the people you choose to follow, essentially creating a curated list of goods chosen by the people who’s taste you admire. Think of it as Facebook for shoppers.

Svpply is a great tool for discovering cool items, and an easy way to catalogue and share our finds with friends and followers. We invite you to explore our accounts and sign up for you own here.

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