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Where do I start with my love for Monmouth Coffee? I suppose it started back in 2003 when I made a pilgrimage to a cafe in the Borough Market in London and It’s held a special place in my heart since.  I use them as a reference point to what I love to see in a cafe.  Their Borough market location is brilliant.  A large green garage door in the front, a communal table with fresh baguettes, organic butter and jams and the best pour-over coffee! In fact I hardly remember seeing espresso drinks being made.  Tasting single origin coffees in this manner highlights flavours you might not have ever tasted before in a cup of coffee.   A definite place to check out if you’re in London ever.

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  • Marie-Louise Avery January 23, 2011 - 8:33 am Reply

    My relationship with them goes back even further – to Monmouth Street in the eighties when I would stock up on their special coffees after a lunch at Mon Plaisir. (There was a lot of lunching in the eighties!)
    Lovely pics!

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