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4 Posted by - March 3, 2013 - Architecture + Interiors

chasen-residence-03-800x868 chasen-residence-04-800x533 chasen-residence-05-800x940 chasen-residence-06-800x872 chasen-residence-08-800x533 chasen-residence-09-800x762 chasen-residence-10-800x1200 chasen-residence-11-800x608 chasen-residence-12-800x853The internet is just a fantastic blend of amazing and inspirational content mixed in with a ton of porn!  But really…how else would you gain access to some beautiful, inspiring places like Chasen Residence?  I’ll tell you how…NO WAY..unless of course you live in that area and you happen to know an architect or interior designer who tips you off.  So thank you internet!

I’m just totally loving the simple aesthetic of this place along with its balance with nature.  Everything from the wooden floors to the large windows to the boxy rectangular shape.  I love it.

images copyright – Richard Leo Johnson

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