L’equip petit / The little team

0 Posted by - September 15, 2011 - Video

I just had to post this video as it really touched me.  We live in a world that is so focused on winning and beating the next person.  When we were kids we were always learning about cooperation and working with others.  How winning wasn’t the only important thing.  That having fun and respecting one another was far more important.  As kids we were free to engage in any activity free of the stress and worry of having to win all the time.  So what happened?  Why as adults do we do the opposite?  When did everything stop being fun.  When did we allow our souls to stop playing?  At what point did we allow ourselves to hurt others in order to in order to gain?  I don’t know the answer but I know that it chips away at our spirit.  We must learn to once again have fun, cooperate and enjoy and celebrate other’s successes.  This will inevitably bring about more happiness and success for yourself.

There is a part in the movie where one of the young one says “We don’t care if we don’t score…because we have fun…We’ll score when we grow old”  I couldn’t not have said it more perfectly.

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