Gazzetta Gastronomica / Italian Flare for Life

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I came across one of the most beautiful food and wine magazine sites called Gazzetta Gastronomica.  I can’t read or understand anything as it’s all in Italian but I do know that it’s ITaly’s first food, wine and lifestyle online magazine started by the same people who created the famed food and wine guides Gambero Rosso and Vini D’Italia.  Apparently an English version is coming this year so for now you can look through the images and look to google translate anything that looks appetizing!


  • Uncle Beefy March 7, 2012 - 1:47 pm Reply

    Thanks for the introduction, Peter! Always happy to have new foodie finds! You always find the BEST stuff! Really. :)

  • Rosangela March 8, 2012 - 1:05 pm Reply

    Stumbled upon your site and found this little snippet you put up. Gazzetta Gastronomica is a nice magazine. I know of it because my parents used to read it. At least there is an old copy somewhere still in my father’s house. It always has great articles and really tells you what kinds of food goes together to make something soooooo delicious!
    Like the blood oranges and Merluzze recipe (that’s Italian for Whiting fish).
    Hence pictures above. It would be AWESOME if they started publishing it here in US, even as an eMag.

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