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I came across Designer Books website which features rare and older books on the topic of design and graphic design.  Most people don’t consider the fact that graphic design has been around a long time and not just something that started when computers were more readily available.  Imagine what it would have been like to draw from inspiration in the 70’s when there was inspiration at the click of a button.  The book below gives you a little insight to what design was like during that time.  It’s interesting that it’s not that far off what we are doing now.  Great, well thought out design stays classic and in-style for much longer than passing trends and fads.

Form + communication
Walter Diethelm
ABC Verlag

( an chapter list from the book) – { Link – }

  • Advances in new dimensions
  1. Illusions of movement
  2. Optical games with circles and hexagons
  3. Rotation, radiation, stars
  4. Motifs of development
  5. Dynamics of arrowd
  6. Film studies, experiments with signs & letters
  7. Gestures as a means of communication
  8. Sign of the Japanese Broadcasting Corporation NHK
  9. Colour television, CBC Radio, Canada
  10. Computer graphic design and computer film variations in form
  11. Examples from Contraves, IBM, Siemens
  12. Stamps as securities
  13. “Olympiade” a film from the Bell Laboratories
  14. Sections from computer-produced graphic designs and films

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