Flatrion Loft New York

6 Posted by - July 24, 2013 - Architecture + Interiors

Flatiron-Loft-03 Flatiron-Loft-04 Flatiron-Loft-06 Flatiron-Loft-08 Flatiron-Loft-11 Flatiron-Loft-12-800x588 Flatiron-Loft-14 Flatiron-Loft-15 Flatiron-Loft-17 Flatiron-Loft-19 Flatiron-Loft-20 Flatiron-Loft-22 Flatiron-Loft-23Flatiron-Loft-30 Flatiron-Loft-32 Flatiron-Loft-33

You know the famous Flatiron building in New York that you see in thousands of photos and posters?  Well how about a little peak into one of the lofts inside?  Yeah….I’m pretty sure I’ve just come across the perfect apartment and how convenient that it’s in New York!

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  • Mari Rose November 17, 2013 - 11:39 am Reply

    How beautiful, so pale and filled with light. The nursery is my favorite space–sweet.

    Mari Rose

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