Favorita / Hotel in Portugal

0 Posted by - January 25, 2011 - Architecture + Interiors, Travel

I’ve been to Portugal a couple of times and each time I find myself wondering why I don’t just move there.  Portugal seems far more understated than some of the other “hip” European countries.  The prices are great, people are amazing and the scenery is to die for.  I came across Favorita Hotel and immediately fell in love.  This is the kind of place I want to stay at when I’m away from home.  My hostel days are long gone and I don’t want to sacrifice my comforts anymore.  The prices look amazing and the clean, neutral design is right up my alley.  I could easily see myself hiding away for a couple of weeks or longer.

{ Link – http://www.pensaofavorita.pt/index.php }

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