I have a real passion for clean, minimalist design and am inspired by passionate and creative people.  I believe that there is enough inspirational things going on in the world to push and drive creativity in any place you live.  This is a place and chance for me to bring that to you.  I am a Victoria based creative working on graphic design and photography projects.  See my portfolio at

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I am a Victoria based creative who strives professionally to make it as a visual artist. I have wide spread, eclectic tastes and interests, sometimes causing personal mass confusion and complete standstill, but often resulting in the creation of beautiful things. I have a passion for art, craft, design, visual aesthetic and things handmade. A sometimes hermit who likes to share ideas with like-minded individuals, sprk is an outlet that allows me both those habits simultaneously.  Visit me at
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Inoui Design Collective Inc. is the interior design studio and love child of Kyla Bidgood and Amber Kingsnorth, two design, fashion and art-obsessed ladies who love sharing their latest inspirations. How else can we justify the countless hours spent online?

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