Sprk is a totally captivating online destination for those who are passionate about all things creative.  Sprk brings the reader access to great inspiring content on a daily basis covering Art, Architecture, Design, Interiors, Food, Typography, Travel and Lifestyle. Myself, along with other contributors are all passionate and keen on bringing the best inspiring content on a daily basis to build an online community.  This community is built on the pursuit of one’s dreams and to better the world through creativity and creation.

My name is Peter Bagi and I am the founder of Sprk.  My background is in graphic design and photography with a desire to bring other creatives together.  I launched the site originally as a space to do visual bookmarking but I quickly realized that there was the potential to create something larger than just that.  Locally we have an opportunity to bring creatives together, face-to-face to inspire and push one another for greater achievement and ultimately to make our mark in the world. Globally we can reach a large audience of creatives who search for a space to get inspiration.  At no other time have we had the place and opportunity to share information as we do now.

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